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    Weeds are a nuisance and many gardeners are forever attempting to control them only to be disheartened by a recurrence of many more weeds within weeks. We get this and we know the feeling. We, therefore, offer some effective solutions to assist in the control of weeds.

    Our garden service offers a design service and with this, in mind, we often suggest some ground cover plants or a selection of plants that will fill the space adequately for the long term. A temporary application of organic material such as leaf litter or gum mulch may suffice until the new plants grow.

    We prefer to deal with weeding organically or with environmentally friendly solutions. For example, Common household products such as hot water or vinegar may be all that is needed. There are also some commercially available organic products which do not harm the environment or wildlife. Newspaper and mulch are also a great way to suppress weeds. We can offer a blend of organic mulches or in some cases, we install organic compostable weed mat with a top layer of crushed rock of your choice.

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