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  • Pruning

    We are constantly attending to trees and shrubs that are getting too big. Shaping and controlling of these plants is often necessary and all care is taken to do these tasks with sterile implements so as not to introduce disease to your plants.

    Special care is taken to prune plants at the best time of the year to promote healthy plants and also to allow the best and fullest displays of flowers and fruit crops. We will prune your roses to create a beautiful shape and to promote good air circulation around stems as well as removing any dead or diseased wood. Generally pruning roses is a winter job but a light prune in summer will also be beneficial and promote continued flowering.

    Fruit trees require special treatment and care is taken to leave enough fruiting buds on the tree to provide a crop with enough quantity and quality. Thinning is often required with prunus varieties and we also root prune some trees to balance growth habits and keep the tree at a suitable size. We also promote organic treatments and spray trees and roses to eliminate pests and diseases.

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