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    Ward Landscapes is proud to service clients in and around the Hobart region for lawn care and gardening services. Our gardeners’ expertise in lawn mowing for commercial and residential clients, with other services including general garden maintenance, and landscaping.

    Tasmania has a dry summer and many lawns are left to die off and then they are revived by wet weather in the autumn and winter. This may also cause a proliferation of weeds. The use of selective weed sprays can assist in promoting grass to grow whilst killing weeds.

    Compaction of lawns is a problem for healthy lawns and is common in foot traffic areas or where cars drive over lawns. The compacted soil prevents the water from soaking deeply into the soil and this intern causes shallow-rooted grass. Aeration punches or “cores” holes about 75mm deep into the compacted soil and enables water to penetrate deeply.

    Lawn Care Service in Hobart

    The aerated lawn also allows liquid or granular fertilizer to get down to the roots and encourages deeper growth. Aeration must be completed by filling the holes with coarse sand to prevent rapid drying of the treated areas.
    With proper service, your lawn will be lush and green throughout the year

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