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  • Landscaping

    This is a very general term for a wide variety of outdoor tasks from ponds and waterfalls to long-term plant designs that may not reach maturity for 20 years or so. We specialize in small domestic gardens that reach maturity within a few years and provide for the current needs of our customers. Many of our projects provide practical structures such as patios walls paths steps and veggie beds.

    We also assist our customers to create ornamental gardens with exotic and native plants that mature over different time frames and are designed to evolve into the future with fast-growing plants culled when the slower growing plants are reaching an attractive and desired size. We can design and install a deck with stainless rigging or a stone BBQ or fire pit.

    Landscape Hobart

    We may remove old trees or lawns and install a low maintenance native garden with no lawns. We specialize in natural looking landscapes with organic materials such boulders, native plants and eucalyptus mulch to blend with the surroundings. We can select some large flat rocks for steps or shaped and installed on your patio as a seat or table. We use our imagination and yours to create a garden and outdoor living area that looks great and provides the function and appeal that enhance your lifestyle.

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