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    This area of service is very diverse and the services offered in this field will be confined to outdoor tasks.Repairs to outdoor structures and surfaces will be the most common handy service available through us. Replacing rotten timbers in garden walls, steps and outdoor structures such as pergolas and seating.

    Repair broken concrete areas. Render or “bag” old walls and patios to give a new look. We can clean hard such as decks paving or concrete surfaces with a high-pressure hose. Clean gutters or windows. Paint fences or take away rubbish. Replace the blades spark plugs and clean air filters on your mower or whipper snipper.

    We can help you re-organize your shed or workshop by sorting out what goes where and suggest ways to save space. We may install shelves or provide storage containers. Sharpen and clean or sterilize your pruning tools. We can sharpen your hand saw or chainsaw. We can install a hose reel and repair hose leaks.

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