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  • Garden Maintenance

    At Ward Landscapes, we cover a wide range of regular tasks that keep your garden looking lush and lovely. We mow lawns, trim hedges, remove weeds and unwanted plants but our focus is mainly on plant health and aesthetic appeal. We cut back your shrubs and trees at the appropriate times to promote continued flowering, compact form and desired growth patterns as well as applying slow-release fertilisers to your plants.

    We will prune your plants such as fruit trees Hydrangeas, Camelias and roses as well as providing new plants or seedlings to enhance your garden. We use a variety of “eco” or organic and environmentally friendly pest control products. We can supply organic soils and mulches to your gardens and create new ornamental beds or supply and erect raised veggie beds.

    Home & Garden Maintenance in Hobart

    If you are going away or can’t manage the hand watering then call us and we will tend to it or install a fully automated system or a simple timer to assist. We will also collect and mind or forward your mail. We have a high-pressure water cleaner to spruce up your patios paths and driveway.

    Landscape Design

    At Ward landscapes Hobart we offer a landscape design service. Our landscape designs are drawn by hand and generally show concept and layout to scale. The style of our plans may reflect any architectural features or styles such as formal walls patios steps decks pergolas screens and all plants and lawns.

    Our plans also often have a minimal formal structure and reflect a natural theme of only plants rocks and mulch with simple gravel pathways that take the visitor on a scenic walk through the garden or allow access to service the garden.

    Here in Hobart, we take very special care to match plants to soil types and choose the correct sizes for plants. Our style of planting will often imitate nature with a random placement of plants and rock features. Colour schemes, scent and foliage textures are also considered in our design methods.

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