Garden Maintenance

At Ward Landscapes, we cover a wide range of regular tasks that keep your garden looking lush and lovely. We mow lawns, trim hedges, remove weeds and unwanted plants but our focus is mainly on plant health and aesthetic appeal. We cut back your shrubs and trees at the appropriate times to promote continued flowering, compact form and desired growth patterns as well as applying slow-release fertilisers to your plants.

We will prune your plants such as fruit trees Hydrangeas, Camelias and roses as well as providing new plants or seedlings to enhance your garden. We use a variety of “eco” or organic and environmentally friendly pest control products. We can supply organic soils and mulches to your gardens and create new ornamental beds or supply and erect raised veggie beds.

Home & Garden Maintenance in Hobart

If you are going away or can’t manage the hand watering then call us and we will tend to it or install a fully automated system or a simple timer to assist. We will also collect and mind or forward your mail. We have a high-pressure water cleaner to spruce up your patios paths and driveway.

Landscape Design

At Ward landscapes Hobart we offer a landscape design service. Our landscape designs are drawn by hand and generally show concept and layout to scale. The style of our plans may reflect any architectural features or styles such as formal walls patios steps decks pergolas screens and all plants and lawns.

Our plans also often have a minimal formal structure and reflect a natural theme of only plants rocks and mulch with simple gravel pathways that take the visitor on a scenic walk through the garden or allow access to service the garden.

Here in Hobart, we take very special care to match plants to soil types and choose the correct sizes for plants. Our style of planting will often imitate nature with a random placement of plants and rock features. Colour schemes, scent and foliage textures are also considered in our design methods.


If you are looking for Lawn Mowing Services in Hobart and the other nearby regions for small domestic yards to huge acreage and commercial properties, Ward Landscapes has got your back! We will get your lawns mowed perfectly.
We have a range of mowers from a ride on to rotary motor mowers. We even have a cylinder mower. We have motorised edgers and hand-held edge cutters if you want the manicured look. Our usual routine involves mowing to the desired height, collecting the clippings and placing them into our compost system at our yard unless you have one too.
We offer various lawn mowing services, and no job is too big or too small for our team. For huge spaces, we have ride-on mowers and high-end equipment for smaller areas. Just give us a call, and we can schedule a lawn mowing service at your home or business, so your lawns stay lush year-round.

Lawn Mowing in Hobart Region

While providing Lawn Moving services in Hobart, we also look out for lawn diseases such as Corby grubs and other pests. We can treat your pests. We can also aerate your lawn to invigorate the root system by allowing water flow to where it is needed.


This area of service is very diverse and the services offered in this field will be confined to outdoor tasks.Repairs to outdoor structures and surfaces will be the most common handy service available through us. Replacing rotten timbers in garden walls, steps and outdoor structures such as pergolas and seating.

Repair broken concrete areas. Render or “bag” old walls and patios to give a new look. We can clean hard such as decks paving or concrete surfaces with a high-pressure hose. Clean gutters or windows. Paint fences or take away rubbish. Replace the blades spark plugs and clean air filters on your mower or whipper snipper.

We can help you re-organize your shed or workshop by sorting out what goes where and suggest ways to save space. We may install shelves or provide storage containers. Sharpen and clean or sterilize your pruning tools. We can sharpen your hand saw or chainsaw. We can install a hose reel and repair hose leaks.

Lawn care Aeration Fertilising

Ward Landscapes is proud to service clients in and around the Hobart region for lawn care and gardening services. Our gardeners’ expertise in lawn mowing for commercial and residential clients, with other services including general garden maintenance, and landscaping.

Tasmania has a dry summer and many lawns are left to die off and then they are revived by wet weather in the autumn and winter. This may also cause a proliferation of weeds. The use of selective weed sprays can assist in promoting grass to grow whilst killing weeds.

Compaction of lawns is a problem for healthy lawns and is common in foot traffic areas or where cars drive over lawns. The compacted soil prevents the water from soaking deeply into the soil and this intern causes shallow-rooted grass. Aeration punches or “cores” holes about 75mm deep into the compacted soil and enables water to penetrate deeply.

Lawn Care Service in Hobart

The aerated lawn also allows liquid or granular fertilizer to get down to the roots and encourages deeper growth. Aeration must be completed by filling the holes with coarse sand to prevent rapid drying of the treated areas.
With proper service, your lawn will be lush and green throughout the year

Watering Systems

We have a range of affordable watering systems for lawns and garden beds. To assess your needs and options we will measure your site and check the water pressure and flow rate. Based on the results we will select the suitable sprinklers to cover your areas in need.

We will put together a plan and present the alternative possibilities for your garden depending on budget and affordability. Technology allows for much more affordable systems in the current economy. We can supply simple 9-volt battery operated or 240 volt systems.

Some properties are smaller and simpler and may have a keen gardener who is often home. Others are larger and may belong to busy working people with little time to move hoses or sprinklers about. Whatever your situation we can design a system to suit your needs and budget. All our watering systems come with a 3 years material warranty.


We are constantly attending to trees and shrubs that are getting too big. Shaping and controlling of these plants is often necessary and all care is taken to do these tasks with sterile implements so as not to introduce disease to your plants.

Special care is taken to prune plants at the best time of the year to promote healthy plants and also to allow the best and fullest displays of flowers and fruit crops. We will prune your roses to create a beautiful shape and to promote good air circulation around stems as well as removing any dead or diseased wood. Generally pruning roses is a winter job but a light prune in summer will also be beneficial and promote continued flowering.

Fruit trees require special treatment and care is taken to leave enough fruiting buds on the tree to provide a crop with enough quantity and quality. Thinning is often required with prunus varieties and we also root prune some trees to balance growth habits and keep the tree at a suitable size. We also promote organic treatments and spray trees and roses to eliminate pests and diseases.

Weeding & Rubbish Removal

Weeds are a nuisance and many gardeners are forever attempting to control them only to be disheartened by a recurrence of many more weeds within weeks. We get this and we know the feeling. We, therefore, offer some effective solutions to assist in the control of weeds.

Our garden service offers a design service and with this, in mind, we often suggest some ground cover plants or a selection of plants that will fill the space adequately for the long term. A temporary application of organic material such as leaf litter or gum mulch may suffice until the new plants grow.

We prefer to deal with weeding organically or with environmentally friendly solutions. For example, Common household products such as hot water or vinegar may be all that is needed. There are also some commercially available organic products which do not harm the environment or wildlife. Newspaper and mulch are also a great way to suppress weeds. We can offer a blend of organic mulches or in some cases, we install organic compostable weed mat with a top layer of crushed rock of your choice.


This is a very general term for a wide variety of outdoor tasks from ponds and waterfalls to long-term plant designs that may not reach maturity for 20 years or so. We specialize in small domestic gardens that reach maturity within a few years and provide for the current needs of our customers. Many of our projects provide practical structures such as patios walls paths steps and veggie beds.

We also assist our customers to create ornamental gardens with exotic and native plants that mature over different time frames and are designed to evolve into the future with fast-growing plants culled when the slower growing plants are reaching an attractive and desired size. We can design and install a deck with stainless rigging or a stone BBQ or fire pit.

Landscape Hobart

We may remove old trees or lawns and install a low maintenance native garden with no lawns. We specialize in natural looking landscapes with organic materials such boulders, native plants and eucalyptus mulch to blend with the surroundings. We can select some large flat rocks for steps or shaped and installed on your patio as a seat or table. We use our imagination and yours to create a garden and outdoor living area that looks great and provides the function and appeal that enhance your lifestyle.